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Digital Technologies

Electronics and the software that govern it are the powerhouses of the information age. As one of the UK’s largest universities, Leeds provides the vital connections between technology and people, through multidisciplinary collaborations linking electronic engineering, computing, social sciences, health informations, geography, medicine and more.

Our work on communication and distributed systems technologies provides the bricks-and-mortar for new generations of communication and data processing tools. Our research is touching millions of lives, whether that’s through major algorithms that schedule many of the UK’s rail services, or through our ground-breaking work on data visualization, which transforms numbers into imagery to revolutionise clinical practices, or to shed new insight into fundamental physics. We have a strong track record of developing strong and successful industry partnerships, with companies including Proctor&Gamble, Rolls-Royce, BAE and Shell, as well as with public sector bodies such as the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, the EPSRC and key EU programmes.